On Monday, 13 Marines were on their way home, returning from Afghanistan.  And before their American Airlines flight from Chicago to San Diego took off, the airline realized it had six open seats in first class.

So they upgraded six of the Marines, which is their policy when it comes to members of the armed services.  But the other seven were still in coach.  So seven first-class passengers gave up their seats, so all 13 Marines could sit together. Also, the fiance' of one of the soldiers' called the USO while they were on a connecting flight from Baltimore, and told them a bunch of soldiers would be showing up. So with only one hour to work with, a 74-year-old USO worker and former Marine named John Colas managed to pull off an impromptu welcome.

When they landed, their plane taxied under a huge arch of water being sprayed from a fire truck.  Then when they got to the terminal, there was a group of people cheering for them.

One of the Marines did an interview, and said it's, "amazing when we are 10 years into a war, and there is still that kind of community, and that level of support."

(Washington Times / Huffington Post)