If you peruse lore, books and movies about what a ghost is you will find out that these spirits have taken home in places and called it their own. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there is no denying that with recent evidence there is something that is keeping these spirits in the places they end up.

The Comanche County Ghosts Hunters (C.C.G.H) was founded in 2010 by Chuck Eichert and Elvis Keel. C.C.G.H. are a team of paranormal investigators that focus on finding the answers to paranormal occurrences and reported hauntings throughout Southwest Oklahoma.

"When we get a call to do a private investigation we do an interview," Keel said. "We ask what you hear, what you saw, what you feel and then we do an electromagnetic reading to check for any electromagnetic fields."

Keel said that the goal of a ghost hunter is actually what some people may not think it is.

"Ghost hunting is not really going in and trying to find the ghost, it's basically going in and trying to prove there are no ghosts," Keel said. "We try our hardest to find a reasoning behind things, like why are there certain noises and what happened."

Keel was exposed to the paranormal shortly after his parents death.

"When my mom and dad both passed away and every weekend morning, my dad would cook breakfast in the morning and you can smell the bacon and eggs, hear them cooking and hear the T.V. going on," Keel said. "If let them know you're awake, they would cook food for you too, I was at the house and one morning I smelt bacon and eggs, heard it cooking, heard the T.V. going and even heard some people talking. So I got up and when I went the hallway in there was nothing, it was dark, cold, there was nothing in there."

It was at that moment Keel wandered if his mind was playing tricks on him or if something really was there. He does recount that with knowing this routine for some long it did bring him down a bit when he found nothing.

One of their most notable investigations is the Old Plantation Restaurant in Medicine Park. During the investigation the C.C.G.H. gained not only photo evidence but audio evidence of the spirit that wanders around the restaurant.

Keel said that in one of the rooms that had pillars with mirrors on them one of their investigators took a picture after having a strange feeling in the room. The photo showed the image of a man with a handlebar mustache.

After further investigation of the identity of the man; Keel and his fellow investigators discovered the image they held had similarities to Lawton's First Sheriff, Henry 'Heck' Thomas.

Sheriff Henry 'Heck' Thomas
Lawton's First Sheriff Henry 'Heck' Thomas. Comanche County Ghost Hunters discovered a spirit that looks similar to the Thomas at the Old Plantation Restaurant in Medicine Park.

Their suspicions where later confirmed about the spirit's possible identity when the microphones they had setup around the area picked up a faint whisper that said 'Heck was wanting this.'

Throughout their investigations Keel and his team have even come across items that are haunted. The team has come across one item that was linked to the hauntings of one of their investigations.

Keel recalls the investigation showing no activity was present until two of his team members came across an old military jacket.

"Two people on our team saw this jacket and for some reason they had this feeling that they should not touch the jacket," he said. "Chuck being in the military wanted to try it on, afterwards, one of the team members started getting sick and the other felt he needed to take it off and get rid of it. They told the family, they got rid of it and nothing happened after that."

Keel has even come across another haunted item personally through a friend, which was a guitar. After the friend bought the item, Keel states the cat would growl and hiss at the guitar and before he could do an investigation, the friend sold the guitar and everything was normal at his friend's house.

"If you love something so much you are going to stay there," Keel said.

Another notable investigation by C.C.G.H was a house in Elgin. Keel states that the team has performed a total of three investigations at the house and they find activity on each visit. Their most recent visit however left an uncomfortable feeling with one of the team members.

During this particular investigation no activity was going on and after several hours Keel asked the spirit jokingly if they wanted them to leave to "scratch Michelle" a fellow team member.

After a couple seconds passed Michelle began to feel a burning sensation on her neck and when fellow investigators went to check up on her. They discovered a red mark as if someone or something was scratching her. Afterwards C.C.G.H packed up their equipment and left.

"When we ask the spirit if they want us to leave we all gather everything and leave," he said. "This is not our house and to these entities and spirits we are invading their place."

Not all investigations show any paranormal activity sometimes it's the smallest things that are behind the supposed hauntings.

"When you have an EMF around you; it can make you feel dizzy, give you delusions and really mess with your brain," Keel said.

Keel stated that one of his investigations had high EMF readings that his team determined the true cause was no ghost, but some loose electrical outlets that could potentially cause a fire to the home. After the owners repaired the outlets no more activity was discovered.

"Somethings, you'll hear buzzing at a certain time and we go down there and check at that certain time and we find out it's a generator or something else coming on turning on the air conditioner," Keel said.

Keel stated this his team is currently getting prepared for another investigation at the Old Plantation to see if they can find anymore activity in the area.

For further information on the Comanche County Ghost Hunters you can visit their Facebook page.


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