The 2014 TV season doesn't only mean the return of our favorite cable series like 'Justified,' now that broadcast will begin to return, as well! We won't have any new 'Supernatural' for another week, but in the meantime, let's check in on the Winchester brothers with a brand-new trailer for the coming run of episodes, including fan favorites like Garth, (DJ Qualls), Crowley and the big bads of season 9!

Our first look at 'Supernatural' since 2013's midseason finale, "Holy Terror," the newest season 9 trailer for Sam Gadreel and Dean's return sees the Winchester brothers unexpectedly paired up again, despite the fatal revelations of the previous episode. Garth will return at long last for the occasion, along with a string of new female faces glimpsed in the footage.

Along with vampires and what looks to be the walking dead, Sam and Dean will also have to contend with the continued menace of Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), who may or may not partner with Abaddon (Alaina Huffman) for their "Winchester trouble," given the trailer's leading edits. And of course, where would our season 9 return be without a viking funeral for - spoiler alert - poor Kevin Tran?

Take a look at the goings to come when 'Supernatural' returns on January 14 for a "Road Trip," and tell us what horrors the new trailer has you excited for in the comments!