Central Mall

What New Stores Would You Like to See at the Central Mall?
Now that the City of Lawton owns the Central Mall they're looking to fill empty space and there's a lot of it! Parts of the mall will be used for the FISTA project and the other for retail stores and restaurants. They hope to fill all the remaining empty spaces in the mall with new stores, places to eat and other businesses.
City of Lawton Has Purchased The Central Mall
The City of Lawton is purchasing the Central Mall for the FISTA (FIRES Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator) project. The Lawton City Council met last Friday (12-18-20) in a special session to finalize the purchase of the mall at a price tag of 14.6 MILLION! They'll be closing on it Tuesday, January 5th (01-05-21).
Cirque Italia Returns to Lawton, Fort Sill!
If you've been in downtown Lawton lately near the Central Mall on C Avenue you've seen all the trucks and construction going on. So what's happening in the mall parking lot? Get ready for Cirque Italia "Aquatic Spectacular.” That's right Cirque Italia is returning to town for a limited time, you won't want to miss it!
City of Lawton Might Purchase the Central Mall for FISTA
The news broke late yesterday evening, or at least that's when I first heard about it. The City of Lawton is considering purchasing the Central Mall for the FISTA (FIRES Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator) program. The Lawton City Council will be meeting today (10-16-20) at 2:00pm CST in a special session to discuss the possible purchase of the mall. So what's the price tag? 14.6 MILLION!
Central Mall Sears Location Has Been Leased
The Lawton Sears has been closed at the Central Mall since 2017 and we've all wondered what, if anything would be moving in to take it's place. I know I've had a wish list of stores I'd like to see in that location, I think we all have. It's such a large space we thought the mall would part it out to several different stores if they couldn't find one big one. Well it looks like that space has finally be leased.
The Paranormal Cirque Is In Lawton!
For a limited time the Paranormal Cirque is in Lawton, Fort Sill. It'll be here from Thursday (09-10-20) until Wednesday (09-16-20) in downtown at the Central Mall parking lot. If you've been anywhere near the mall you've probably seen the big black and red tent.
Lawton Kay Jewelers Location in Central Mall Closing?
An official statement hasn't been made yet, but we're hearing that the Kay Jewelers store at the Central Mall in Lawton will be closing. It's been shut down for months now when the COVID-19 pandemic started and has remained closed ever since. Here at the office we have several people who have made recent purchases, have jewelry on lay-away, items that are currently being cleaned or repaired. They've shared with us that Kay will be closing.
Is the Lawton JCPenney Closing
JCPenney is facing bankruptcy and is expected to file Chapter 11 this Friday (05-15-20). The company is seeking a $450 million dollar loan and in order to make that happen they have to close 180 to 200 stores.
Lawton Dillard’s in Central Mall is Closing
We've been hearing rumors for the past several days online and elsewhere that the Lawton Dillard's in the Central Mall is closing. Sadly it's not a rumor anymore, it's been confirmed and they will be closing the Dillard's here in Lawton.