The high Summer temps are giving SWOK a slight reprieve this week, might as well make the most of it while you can!

With the next few days projected in the low-90's, it's the perfect week to take a little stay-cation with the fam. Hit the mountains for a cool early morning hike. When it gets a little too warm, pop into the newly remodeled Wichita Mountains Visitor Center. Cool down in their theater, the kids will love walking around that place.

Go play on the shore of Lake Lawtonka. Take the short drive out to the prairie dog town. It's sort of neat to sit back and observe nature. Explore the Western Wichita Mountain area's outside the refuge. There are miles and miles of trails.

Pack a lunch, or set goals to hit one of the local joints littered throughout the boundary areas of the refuge. It may take you a day, or just a few hours, but getting out for a change of pace is pivotal in the fight against Summer heat stir-craziness.