Everyone has those days that they absolutely love their jobs! Jeri Anderson and I had one of those days today. We were thrilled to personally deliver the $400 gift cards to our 5 top teachers in our 'Teachers Rule' contest.  And I think they were all pretty thrilled when they saw us arrive.

In no particular order the winners were:

  • Pam Thomas - Almor West
    Pam Thomas - Almor West

    Pam Thomas

    Almor West

    Pam's nominee stated: "Pam is truly dedicated to her school and students. She spends a great deal of her time and money during the summer preparing for her new class in August. She has a Facebook page for her class so that parents can see what their children are learning in kindergarten and how they can extend learning at home. Pam is constantly continuing her own learning so that she can be the best teacher for her students. Pam Thomas is an outstanding teacher!

    Pam was thrilled when she saw Jeri and I entering her classroom.  Her class sang a new song to us called "RED" and the principal Stan Melby read the children a story while we were in the classroom.

  • Pat Miller - Central Middle School
    Pat Miller - Central Middle School

    Pat Miller

    Central Middle School

    Pat's nominee stated:  Pat is a single person that makes sure her kids get what they need even if she uses her last penny to do so.

  • Crystal Sellers - Whittier Elementary
    Crystal Sellers - Whittier Elementary

    Crystal Sellers

    Whittier Elementary

    Mrs. (Stultz) Sellers was my favorite teacher. it doesn't matter how long it would take for a student to understand something in class, she would always be right there with you to help figure it out. When testing season and holidays came around, she would often go out and spend her own money to buy things to help us understand testing subject and buy little presents to make all of us feel special. I had her for first and second grade and now I am a sophomore and still have a very strong relationship with her. Mrs. (Stultz) Sellers truly is the very best teacher and deserves to win this award.

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    Kristen Keplinger

    Macarthur High School

    Kristen's Mother nominated her and said: "Kristen Keplinger is my daughter and is in her 9th year of teaching Pre AP English and coaching the Highlanderette dance team at MHS. As both a teacher and sponsor, Kristen dedicates all of her time and energy into her students, or her "kids" as she calls them. She is wholeheartedly committed to their success both in and out of the classroom by going above and beyond the call of duty. She is able to do all of this with little to no pay or recognition, as well as care for husband and two small children. She's a great teacher and definitely rules!

  • Kristie Kephart - Geronimo Road
    Kristie Kephart - Geronimo Road

    Kristie Kephart

    Geronimo Road

    Kristie's nominee stated: "Ms. Kephart is a blessing to all she encounters. Only in her second year of teaching, she's been required to move twice, the first time was a week before her first year of school started...to a completely different school. That required taking everything down at Eisenhower elementary and putting it back up at Geronimo Road at a moments notice. Obviously this was hard to watch such a fresh young face experience such a rough time, but she pressed on and made the best of what she had. Teaching at Geronimo road is a little different since it is a military school. That means kiddos are constantly coming and going which makes it hard to bond with the children, yet she does an outstanding job of it, week in and week out. I'm excited to see what the future holds for her.

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