Even as Ted Nugent gears up for the next tour, he's getting started on a long-awaited new studio effort -- the Motor City Madman's first since 2007's 'Love Grenade.'

"God knows we are eating our hearts out and busting our ass to get back into the studio to capture the new songs I am creating these days," Nugent tells Classic Rock Revisited. "I am confident there will be a new killer record ASAP."

The forthcoming studio album will also be the first since 1995 to feature legendary frontman Derek St. Holmes, the voice on Nugent's 'Stranglehold' as well as other classics like 'Dog Eat Dog' and 'Cat Scratch Fever.' Nugent says they have been collaborating, even while preparing for the latest round of concert appearances.

"Derek and the boys and I are humping madly to jam up a storm, working on my new tunes," Nugent says. "I am certain real hard rock soul music lovers will love them."

St. Holmes, who has been touring with Nugent again since 2011, originally served as lead singer from 1975 through 1977's 'Cat Scratch Fever' album, though he appeared on the subsequent concert souvenir 'Double Live Gonzo,' as well. St. Holmes would return for 1982's 'Nugent,' and then for 'Spirit of the Wild' in '95.

First, however, there's Nugent's next ride on the Midwest Rock 'n' Roll Express, also featuring Styx and REO Speedwagon, which begins on April 18.