FX Cold War spy thriller 'The Americans' won't premiere its second season along with the 2014 crop of 'Justified' and 'Archer' in January, but the cable network dropped off an early Christmas present to tide us over until February. Check out the first footage of 'The Americans' season 2 in a brand-new promo!

No more closets or Russian Roulette, stylistic though they may have been, as our first (brief) look at season 2 picks up where the season 1 finale left off to find young Paige continually checking up on her parents' nocturnal activities. Don't let the returning myriad of wigs fool you however, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) are no slacks, and know that their daughter has her suspicions. Whatever is a Russian spy family to do?

So far, only bits and pieces of ‘The Americans’ season 2 have emerged since the first season finale, though we know that season 1 stars Annet Mahendru (Nina), Alison Wright (Martha) and Susan Misner (Sandra Beeman) have been upped to series regular, while Margo Martindale will return as Claudia for at least one episode. In addition to a lighter focus on the marital drama, we’ll also see history start to catch up with the characters a bit, notably the deaths of Leonid Brezhnev and other Soviet leaders.

Check out the latest footage of 'The Americans' season 2 above, and tell us in the comments if you'll spy the February 2014 premiere!