For nearly my entire life, Hastings has been the place I find entertainment. Growing up, it was where we rented movies. It was where you rented games and where I bought by first cassette.

As technology turned on hard-sales, it became the Amazon of stupid fun stuff. Horse masks and novelty goods. A place to buy funny and offensive posters and gag-gifts. My first Metallica, Rage, and Wu-Tang t-shirts came from a Hastings... and were promptly thrown away by my mother, but you never forget your firsts. It was a paradise for youngsters in a small town.

Now that they're going out of business, closing their doors later this year, the opportune moment to hoard sale items is now.

Most everything is somewhere between 10 & 40% off. Of course, all the good stuff I'd be looking for is in that 10-20% off range, but it's dwindling. Given the proverb that it's best to buy when stuff is on sale, I'm pretty sure every family member is getting a unicorn mask for xmas. Here's a look at some of the best stuff on sale.

Remember, a little bit of money goes a long way for your holiday shopping...