If you haven't laid your eyes on the new Bandit Trans Am, you're not alone... It's been online for a week, and most of us are just now getting a glimpse.

Wonder what's with the delay? The instant popularity of this beastly Camaro on steroids just about broke the internet, literally. In fact, it's taken me two days of trying to pull up Trans Am Depot's website. It's been stuck in a limbo of users trying to get a closer peek.

As you can see, it's pretty savage... but so are the other models offered at TAD. Almost as if we're getting reissue GTO's, Trans Am's, and Firebirds. Add in the 'packages' per model, and Trans Am Depot is pretty much their own manufacturer at this point. Hurst, Renegade, Bandit, Judge... Legendary Pontiac names, built on a modern day platform.

Check out their website, if you can get in. They build legit monsters.