Picking out gifts for guys doesn't have to be hard. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, or buying some useless dumb 'guy' stuff, give the gift of old school cool with a straight razor.

Yeah, over the years they've gotten some poor nicknames, like the cut-throat razor... and it may have earned that title, but it's the closest and classiest shave a man can get.

In doing a little research, picking out a razor can be a barrage of information, confusing, and frustrating. So, instead of pouring over a ton of details, writing a bunch of nothing-speak, let's cut to the chase.

The highest recommended razor for men is a 1/4" hollow-ground blade for it's ease of ambidextrous use, and for being stiffer - aka - less likely to cut your jugular...

Don't be cheap. A mans razor isn't something that should be in the bargain bin. You want quality, and I'll admit it, it's going to cost you... but that doesn't mean you should go hog-wild blowing $30k on an Hommage Damascus razor...

There's a pretty good Dovo gift set over on Amazon. - CLICK HERE -
It includes a highly recommended Dovo hollow ground razor, quality creams, and everything a guy would need to get started.


If you're too cheap to pay $230 on that gift set, there are cheaper options. Such as straight razor handles that accept replaceable blades... Allowing a clean, always sharp shave... But it's too easy, not the classy shaving experience you should be giving.

All the same, experts agree that going from a modern day girly-man plastic multi-blade razor to a cut-throat blade is stupid. There are steps they recommend be taken. They're not mandatory, but they are cheaper.

Take a look at the original safety razor. - CLICK HERE -


Safety razors were revolutionary when they hit sinks across the world. Changeable blades, no more sharpening, plus it's darn near impossible to cut someones throat with it, unless that's what you're aiming for...

Don't forget to pick up a little literature. There are hundreds of shaving books out there, pick one out with a cool cover... because let's face it, while the cover looks cool, any self respecting man is going to instantly hit the web for a tutorial.