This isn't just the most haunted school in Oklahoma, it may be one of the most haunted places in the entire Sooner State, maybe even the Nation. There's no shortage of ghost stories and hauntings in Oklahoma. We have an abundance of creepy abandoned places throughout the state and tons of reported hauntings. What makes this one so unique is the frightening legends, experiences and beautiful murals that are present.

The murals and graffiti at Concho Indian Boarding School are beyond amazing! BigBankz BigBankz

You can literally go anywhere in the state and you'll find places that are rumored to be haunted. One such place is the Concho Indian Boarding School. It's located in Concho, OK. right outside of El Reno in Canadian County. Paranormal investigators and those into the supernatural have made this location a major focus.

The school is scary and rumored to be haunted, but the paintings are beautiful! BigBankz BigBankz

It was originally opened back in the early 1900s around 1909 and remained open until 1983. The school was used to forcefully assimilate Native American children. It was home to members of both the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes and later opened up for other Native American students. Kids from first through eighth grade both girls and boys attended the school. All were forced to conform to mainstream "white-english" society.

Not sure if a single artist or multiple artists did all the murals at Concho Indian School BigBankz BigBankz

The children that were in the boarding school were forced to abandon their Native American traditions, beliefs, and even their native dress and language. The penalties for not acting "white" were severe. The punishment these poor kids would receive was beyond abusive, it was bordering on torture and cruelty.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Concho Indian Boarding School

There are even stories of children that were murdered and buried on the school property. Some died at the hands of school administrators and workers, others died due to malnutrition and poor living conditions. While there's no concrete proof this happened, most believe the stories. Mediums and psychics seem to confirm it.

Absolutely EPIC! I have to make the trip to Concho and see these in person! BigBankz BigBankz

The school was run like a military academy complete with drills, harsh discipline, and lots of manual labor and cores. The school had livestock and grew a lot of its own food and got all of its labor from the children who lived there. This place wasn't just unpleasant, during its years of operation it grew increasingly violent and cruel. The treatment the children received at Concho Indian Boarding school was horrific and inhumane.

The Concho Indian Boarding School has murals and graffiti both inside and out

attachment-Concho Indian School Art-08 630X420

Those who have been to the Concho Indian Boarding School report seeing all kinds of things from ghosts to shadow figures. Throughout the years paranormal investigators and ghost hunters alike have said they've heard, felt, and experienced all kinds of unusual activity. Hearing voices, screams, whispers, footsteps, and feeling the touch of unseen hands. Seeing items and debris move all by themselves and more.

Concho Indian Boarding school is the most haunted and scary, yet beautiful school BigBankz BigBankz

One of these days, I'll have to make the trip to Concho, OK. and check this place out. As interesting as all the ghost stories are I think it's the murals and artwork I want to see in person most. While it has a sad and tragic past for sure and some of the stories we've heard throughout the years have been terrifying, the paintings at Concho Indian Boarding School are beautiful. I would love to experience them in person one day.

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