Unfortunately, the UWSWOK (United Way of Southwest Oklahoma) has canceled their annual Blue Tie Gala, but the good news is they'll be doing an online auction instead. You'll still be able to assist the United Way with fundraising and help provide needed funding for local and area agencies that UWSWOK supports. Not only will you be helping these agencies, but you could also bid and win some really cool stuff in the process!

The online auction will get underway this Wednesday, October 6th (10-06-21), and will continue until Wednesday, October 13th (10-13-21) at midnight. All proceeds will go to the United Way fundraising campaign to benefit several different local non-profit organizations that UWSWOK helps support. These are local and area agencies that assist people and families right here in Lawton, Fort Sill and the surrounding area.

Be sure to log on this Wednesday (10-06-21) to preview all the auction items and start bidding. You can click here to go to the official auction site. All of the auction items have been generously donated to help with the cause by local and area businesses. It's a great cause and who knows you could have the winning bid on some great items. It's a win, win for sure. So do your part and help out by placing a bid or two, maybe three.

UWSWOK supports several local non-profit organizations in Lawton, Fort Sill. To see the full list of all the agencies they assist click here. Get all the details on the upcoming United Way of Southwest Oklahoma online auction below from the official UWSWOK press release. It all gets underway this Wednesday!

United Way of Southwest Oklahoma
United Way of Southwest Oklahoma

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