As the people come out of their long, grueling, dirty election daze, the web is offering up what it knows best... Pandering to the feels. But it has, so far, seemed to bring everyone together in the infinite quest for karma. Those who are sad, angry, happy, and tickled are focusing their feels into a good old fashion Photoshop battle.

The topic is Trump's White House.

Regardless how you feel, or how you voted, the one common thing everyone can appreciate is a little humor. Sure, Oklahoma was the 'reddest of red states' again this time around, but we all get along for the most part. Facebook has been super depressing since 3AM, so just gaze upon this and lets move on as one.

Obviously, being a real estate mogul, the go-to is making something about expansion and towers, but there are some creative streaks running through that particular reddit thread. Here is what the web considers the best Photoshop entries thus far.