Automatic doors are, well, not something you'd normally notice. All the same, we've all experienced walking up to a pair, only to have a moment of hesitation and anxiety of whether it will open. First world problems, sure... but still problems nonetheless.

Shockingly, there's a new YouTube channel on the web dedicated to Lawton's automatic doors. Even more shocking, a small slice of my psyche find this mildly entertaining.

After watching every video on the channel, I found myself also noticing the intricacies of the various automatic doors. Whether they opened properly, allowing myself to keep my current gait, or if they stumbled or delayed, creating an almost self-conscious feeling.

Side-Bar: If you work at Home Depot, you might check in to that garden center door. It's abhorrent.

Maybe that's why we've been gifted this awesome channel. A crusader for properly working automatic doors. Fighting the good fight against sloth and greed in the maintenance departments all over the city.

To whoever our crusader is, a salute to you. Keep being awesome.