Top chefs have said that we risk damaging the shelf life and quality of some of our foods by keeping them in the fridge. So what is more at home in the cupboard than the chiller?

  • Tomatoes: According to Raymond Blanc, the fruit's membrane is damaged if chilled impairing the taste and giving them a mealy texture
  • Citrus fruits: If lemons and limes are kept cool their skin hardens out and shrivels
  • Potatoes: Rather than keeping them fresh, the starch turns to sugar if kept cool and the flavour is ruined
  • Bananas: The fruit turns black in the fridge and can actually spoil the flavor of surrounding dairy products
  • Mushrooms: Chilling them causes them to go soggy - less than appetising
  • Bread/cakes: Rather than keeping your loaf fresh, putting it in the fridge is actually more likely to make it go stale quicker
  • Onions and garlic: These go mushy
  • Jams, ketchups, chutneys: Most of these should be kept in the cupboard - they have enough sugar or vinegar to act as natural preservatives
  • Eggs: Keep until their use-by date at room temperature
  • Nutella/peanut butter: Chilling these only make them impossible to spread on your toast

Source:  DailyMail

What is the oddest thing you have in your fridge right now?