Just like we did with the Top 5 Male Halloween Costumes of 2016, let's count down what will most likely be the most popular lady costumes this year.

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    Even though Disney had reservations about how such a hard-core fan base would react to a leading female in a traditionally male-driven series, they introduced us to the next generations Jedi. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened last December, Rey was a new driving force to be reckoned with. So much so, Disney has changed up future scripts to allow and reflect more of the Rey/Finn duo going forward.

    The best news is, it's cheap and available pronto over at Amazon.

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    First Order Lady Trooper

    If you've seen the movie, Stormtroopin' isn't a boys club anymore. In fact, Captain Phasma was the first female trooper to be in a leading role, even though it was more of a 'this story will come later' look at her.

    Add in that this costume looks a lot better on the ladies, and yeah, there's a good chance you'll see a few around at the various parties I hope you're planning for.

    Pick it up over at Amazon.

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    Given it's reputation as the biggest 'R' rated movie in history, you would think more dudes would hop on this gravy-train... But no. While it's not exactly riveting or shocking, Ryan Reynolds Deadpool is more popular with the ladies. But then again, I guess it is skin-tight with a sense of danger. Seems fitting. This one also available on Amazon.

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    Harley Quinn

    Suicide Squad was a pretty big movie this year. While not the best, it still left millions leaving happy to have spent $12 on a ticket.

    Jared Leto was advertised as a leading man, Will Smith was the actual main male character, but Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn stole the entire flick. In fact, I didn't like the movie, but I'd watch it again.

    Get ready. Of all the ladies at the bar, at least 25% of them will be strutting around calling everyone 'Puddin.' This get-up is available now at Amazon.

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    Hillary Clinton

    The second most overall popular costume in 2016 will be awarded to Hillary Clinton. With a dedicated fan-base, haters, and a lot of undecided souls seeking a party to side with... her costume only comes in second to the men's top pick Trump.

    Much like Barbie, there are several different variations to choose from online. Pantsuit Hillary, huge head Hillary, carried to the van Hillary, etc... But my personal pick might be Prison Hillary. Available on Amazon.