Are you returning to school this fall and dreading the idea of falling behind? We've put together five great apps to help you organize your life, schoolwork and more so you start off on the right foot.

Smartphones and tablet computers have revolutionized the way people interact with each other, and that extends to how we behave at school. The iTunes App Store and Google Play offer numerous organizational tools, programs to help you craft studying strategies, and general applications that help you utilize your time wisely and efficiently. Some of them are free, but even if there's a small price, the cost is usually minimal in the long run and you'll end up saving time. Here's a list of some of the most helpful apps you can try:

Evernote logo

1. Evernote

The Evernote app, if used to the maximum, can be a very powerful tool in your corner. With the ability to save your work digitally to "the cloud," you have the power to access all of your files from whatever device—laptop, tablet, smartphone—you are using at that moment. Evernote can take notes, capture photos and create to-do lists; it also allows you to set and record voice reminders, and makes searching for your data very easily. Other functions include emailing notes, saving tweets, sharing important files on social media sites, and recording voice and audio notes.

The app is free to download, but with a subscription of $5 per month or $45 per year (a savings of $15), you can access your notebooks anytime, anywhere, and other people (whom you give permission) can edit your stuff. Evernote is available for Apple products, PCs, Android phones and BlackBerrys.

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2. Dropbox

This cloud-based service has grown immensely in the last few years. Dropbox allows you to access documents, photos and videos wherever you are. It provides you with a digital storage facility with a minimum of 2 GB just by downloading the free app and signing up. If you save your files to Dropbox and something happens to your computer or phone, you will still have access to your files. It functions like a free backup system.

The more you use Dropbox, share it and promote it, the more storage space (GB) will become available for you to use. You can access Dropbox online or via their app, which is available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, BlackBerrys and even the Kindle Fire.

InClass logo

3. InClass

If you're the super-organized type, this app may make your mouth water. InClass is a perfect organizer for your schedule, notes and reminders, and will keep track of all your courses, monitor your tasks and remind you when something is close to being due. You can take video or audio notes, in addition to photos and text.

InClass can also multitask: if you're recording audio in a classroom, you can still use other apps at the same time. You can also export your notes to iTunes. InClass is available for iPhone or iPad in the iTunes App Store.

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4. iStudiez

This app helps organize your class schedule, assignments, and grades in one easy-to-use program. iStudiez provides users with two options: Pro ($2.99) and Lite (free).

The Lite version limits the number of tasks you can manage at one time: one semester, three courses, five classes per course, seven assignments, five instructors and two holidays. Additionally, you do not have the ability to use push notifications or backup options.

The Pro option of iStudiez offers you with many more benefits. Data backup and push notifications are included. Of these notifications, there are alarms for classes (in case you forgot you had class or are taking a nap), as well as alerts for any upcoming assignments. More perks include various organizational and scheduling options. It can even track your grades and GPA, plus much more.

Notability logo

5. Notability

This final app is extremely helpful if you want to use your tablet or phone as a note-taking device. Notability turns note taking upside-down, allowing you to be in full control of how you want to organize your notes. It integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing and recording in whatever way best fits your needs. You can incorporate various media into your notes, too. More and more professors like to use video clips to enhance their teaching objectives, and with Notability you can insert them directly into your notes.

Notability can link to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, allowing it to be backed up in the cloud automatically. The app will cost you $5 (but is on sale for $1.99 as of July 25).

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