Santa may be running a little behind this year. As we approach the 2021 holiday season there's a real concern about a possible toy shortage across the U.S. due to all the supply chain delays, disruptions, and backlog.

You've probably heard about all the cargo ships still needing to reach the docks and unload, there are hundreds of ships off the coastline that are waiting to deliver their loads and are months behind schedule.

If you have kids, especially younger kids you'll need to start doing some Christmas shopping as soon as possible. If there's a special toy they want you might consider going ahead and getting it so they have it Christmas morning. Otherwise, you may, or may not be able to find it later. Once we hit the peak season of gift buying there's no telling what will be left on store shelves and in online shopping warehouses.

It's a real nightmare before Christmas. Once all the ships are unloaded they still have to get everything to the stores and warehouses in time for Christmas shopping. It's a race against the clock and hopefully, things will improve. I wouldn't bet on it though. We've seen all kinds of shortages over the past year or two and now it's looking like the next hard-to-find item will be toys. So don't wait until the last minute to do your shopping.

At this time there's no telling just how bad it could be. We're already seeing empty shelves at some places from retail to grocery stores. It's affecting every product and every consumer. So with a possible toy shortage this holiday season I'd plan ahead if you have kids and start picking up a few things here and there. Also, you know as well as I do that there's going to be a "hot toy" that every kid wants, that will be impossible to find.

Enter the scumbag re-seller who buys up all they can find to re-sell online at huge markups on eBay and everywhere else. Whatever you do, don't get suckered into paying more than retail or what an item is worth. I love it when these re-sellers get stuck with a bunch of products no one wants to buy once they become more widely available in stores and at regular prices. Make them regret their purchases and their greed.

I know it's a little early to be talking about Christmas and gift buying, but it's better to be safe than sorry if there's a possibility of a toy shortage. Every kid deserves to have something under the tree they really want and can open Christmas morning. We're also hearing there could be a turkey shortage too! Say it ain't so! Let's hope not and that things get turned around in time so we can all enjoy our Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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