The video was recorded on July 10 in the state of Indiana. Two women were walking along the railroad track for reasons unknown, as they were walking, an oncoming train was on the track.

When the train conductor saw the two women walking, he immediately began blowing his whistle to alert them to get off the track. Unfortunately, the part of the track the women were on was crossing a gap. If they jumped off the track the distance of the gap and the bridge could have resulted in severe injury or death.

The women then decided to lay down on the track face down as the train went past them.

After the conductor was able to finally stop, he presumed the women were dead and notified the authorities of the accident.

Shortly after, the women from the footage were spotted and are now facing criminal charges for trespassing.

Tom Hoback of the Indiana Rail Road Company hopes that the video will serve as a reminder to the public that railroad tracks are considered private property.