Make plans now to log on and attend the "Visioning Meeting" for the City of Lawton’s parks master plan scheduled for tomorrow (02-03-21) evening at 6:00pm CST. The virtual meeting is open to the public and the entire community is welcome. The "Visioning Meeting" will be conducted to openly discuss and offer input on the City's plans going forward as it relates to parks, sports, recreation, trails and open space. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate. If not you have no reason to complain.

To access the virtual meeting you can log onto, you can go to the new park master plan website at and it will also be available on the City of Lawton official Facebook page. The meeting will stream live and will be recorded via Zoom. To register for the meeting visit: That way you're all set up registered and good to go. Especially if you're planning on asking questions or offering any input. They're also providing a virtual engagement room where you can provide feedback and get your questions answered that will be open from 02-03-21 until 02-19-21 at You'll have plenty of opportunities and ways to engage.

There's a lot to discuss and consider. This master plan will guide future improvements to Lawton's park and recreation facilities for the next ten years. Your input is critical to ensure the recommendations align with the community's vision and needs. So now's the time to let your voice be heard and help create the best plan possible for our local parks, sports, recreation, trails and open space. The virtual meeting is tomorrow night (02-03-21) at 6:00pm CST. Let's do this!    

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