On Saturday, volleyball teams from across the region came together in Lawton for the opportunity to get down and dirty...

mostly dirty.

16 teams from around the region paid $150 each to be part of Great Plains AMBUCS annual mud volleyball tournament. Teams gathered at the Comanche Nation Casino to get dirty for a good cause. All money's donated will stay right here in Comanche County, as part of AMBUCS ongoing vision of providing trikes and building access ramps to disabled residents throughout the region, and providing scholarships to aspiring physical therapists.

Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images

Participants in the tournament, including members of the local BancFirst team say they annual AMBUCS events, but even more-so knowing that their contributions to the organization go to helping those in need locally. The also appreciate that the local community can see businesses in a different light.

Jenny Clement-Shaw, who spearheaded the event for AMBUCS says that many people show up to the events not really knowing who or what they are playing for, but one they understand the organization's mission, they fell the pride of knowing that they contributed. Great Plains AMBUCS chairman Gordon Shaw related the chapters goal, telling participants that they are on the way to raising the $20,000 the chapter will need by its club year-end in May.

The chapter's goal is to provide one ramp and one AMTRYKE per month to those with disabilities, who may not be able to provide for themselves. Another target is to be able to provide three scholarships to students who are studying physical therapy. And if you have to get a little dirty to do it, well, that's just the price of doing good work in the community.

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source: KSWO news