It was a game for the ages at Santander Stadium Friday night, with a moment that won't soon be forgotten.

Baseball can be an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes, those emotions can turn in an instant. Sean Smith discovered just this Friday night, as the York Revolution outfielder sustained a serious injury to his right ACL just 90 feet after hitting a game-tying home run.

Smith's drive happened with one out in the bottom of the 8th inning, tying the score at 2. While watching the ball leave the yard and likely pondering what may have been the biggest hit of his professional career, Smith awkwardly stepped on first-base bag and went right down. In that one unlucky instant, the ACL in his right knee was torn.

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Smith knew, too. After willing himself to his feet, he was unable to put any weight on his right leg. Still, he had another 270 to go, and he was going to finish it one way or another. From the highest highs and what was to be a joyride around the bases, to the lowest of all low feelings, immediately knowing of the long road to recovery he'll be facing.

By the time he neared third base, he'd hit his stride, and every fan in the stadium was behind him. As the roar built, Smith fired them up even more by pounding on his chest. Then, he made the turn for the home stretch and saw that waiting for him at home was every single one of his teammates.

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It was both heart-breaking and beautiful to watch as Smith hopped those final 90 feet. Those emotions only heightened as Smith crossed home and was immediately embraced by his teammates, who then carried their injured hero off the field.

The Revs scored in the bottom of the tenth to take a 3-2 win and a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series with the Sugar Land Skeeters. It felt like a scene out of a movie. Right on down to Smith celebrating with his teammates on crutches after they pulled out the victory. And the crowd of 6,682, a team record, celebrated right along with them.

You can rest assured the Sean Smith will be right there along side his teammates tonight as they look to rap up the Atlantic League Division Series as they host the Skeeters in game 4 at Santander Stadium in York, PA.