After months and years of design teases, Ford released the newly redesigned 2021 Ford Bronco with the help of country's Kip Moore. This new design, clearly mimics the Jeep design with removable doors and top, and focuses on living wild.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

The reaction to the new design has been mostly favorable, including some comments on the YouTube Video of the reveal:

'Thought I would hate it, but I actually like it alot.  4-door for me though'

'Was ready to bash the design, but I can't. I actually think they nailed it. Unlike the defender.'

'I've been saving for this, and I cannot wait any longer to finally get to go buy one!'

'Let's be honest, the bar for being better than a Jeep is pretty low. All the Bronco has to do is not breakdown during the warranty period or just after to be better than most Jeeps.'

'I, like everyone else thought I'd be disappointed, but wow, these are beautiful.'

This Ford classic has been missing since it's final production in 1996.  I was surprised that there were actually five different generations of the Ford Bronco.

Generation One from 1966-1977 dubbed the Bronco - The Orginal Ford  'All Purpose Vehicle', Gen Two from 1978-1979, offered 'Bronco Goes Bigger' (as we know bigger is always better!), Generation Three from 1980-1986 was Ford's 'Comfort Upgrade', Generation Four from 1987-1991 was Bronco's 'Aerodynamic Age', and the final season for the Bronco was Generation Five from 1992-1996 'The Original Body Style'.  Bronco full circle!

The all new 2021 Bronco is surprisingly inexpensive with the Bronco Sport starting at just $26,660 for the Base Model.  It seats 5, and has 65.2 cu.ft. of cargo space.

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