An official statement hasn't been made yet, but we're hearing that the Kay Jewelers store at the Central Mall in Lawton will be closing. It's been shut down for months now when the COVID-19 pandemic started and has remained closed ever since. Here at the office we have several people who have made recent purchases, have jewelry on lay-away, items that are currently being cleaned or repaired. They've shared with us that Kay will be closing.

I'm sure if you have a lay-away or other business with Kay Jewelers here in town you've got questions. Like when are they closing, what about repairs or warranty work, if you owe a lot where or who do you make payments to? I'm sure they'll answer all these and other questions as well. It's just sad that another business in town is shutting it's doors, looks like COVD-19 has claimed another victim.

Signet Jewelers who is he parent company of Kay, Zales and Jared announced recently that it planned to shut down over 300 stores. Sounds like the Kay Jewelers in Lawton is among them. Some of the locations will not re-open after the pandemic and will instead close permanently, other stores will close in the very near future. The shutdown has really damaged their business and recovery will require some locations to close down.

I feel bad for those directly affected by this and hope they're able to find other employment quickly. Not only are we losing jobs, but city tax revenue and shopping opportunities. 

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