If you didn't know, Possum Kingdom isn't just a song... It's actually one of the best TX state parks on their map, and closer than you'd think.

When people say Texas State Park, naturally the conversation tends to fall towards Caprock Canyon, Palo Duro, or the ridiculously beautiful Big Bend or Guadalupe National Park. It seems that Possum Kingdom just isn't in the vocabulary of my buddies. If fact, there was a pretty heated bar-table debate about whether it actually exists... to which I earned my free beverages in a decisive win.

You can scuba, rent boats, jet skis, do a little fishing, and generally relax. It's only two and a half hours away, so if you get an early enough start, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it. Pack a tent, make a weekend of it, but head this warning... It's hot, so the complaining will not end until she forces you to Google hotels. Still, it's a weekend exploring something new.

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