By:  Lynne O'Brien

Friday is Valentine's Day!  As I sit and think of what I would choose as my top 5 gifts to receive for Valentine's Day, I decided to post them for your pleasure (or hints)!

However, I realize he has different gift ideas in mind for me.....I took the liberty of posting them after mine......

So here's what I want for Valentine's day:

Hire a Maid

Please hire a maid for the day so when I come home from work my house is spotless!


Day off from work

Call my boss, request the day off for me and take me to a spa for a full body massage with facial.

Digital Vision

 Take-out Chinese & romance movies

Bring home take-out Chinese food, watch romance movies and cuddle in front of the fireplace the entire evening.

Zsolt Nyulaszi


Dinner, bath & wine

Take me to my favorite restaurant then return home to a hot, steamy bath and my favorite wine.


Saving the Best for last!!

Wine, dinner, wine, massage, wine, "Just let me lay there sex," wine,  sleep!

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Now, here is the list of What HE thinks I want for Valentine's Day:

A box of chocolates


Flowers from the Grocery Store

Flicker User: danielleatwater

A 3' tall Teddy Bear expressing his love for me

A vacuum cleaner

A power tool

If you could have anything for Valentine's Day, what would YOU ask for?