Apparently, after so many years of the subtly pleasing Earth-tone tan color schemes, WalMart is shaking things up with a new, brighter color pallet. It's something we've all slowly noticed over the last couple of years, a pop of orange here, a little off-yellow there. It's the facelift the retail giant needed to 'class' it up a little bit.

All the same, you can definitely tell someone didn't put a lot of thought into these colors. The blue is ok, if a little on the bright side, as if it isn't quite deep enough... But that mass of hyper-white edging the design out doesn't seem like a color anyone put any actual thought into. If you've lived in SWOK long, you already know where this is going...

Not today, and most likely not until next Spring, that pretty bright-white will almost have a yellow/orange glow to it. Not in a pleasing, subtle way... but in a 'wow that's dingy' way.

Why? We live in a sea of red dirt. A uniquely identified sticky clay that, well, sticks to everything. And it's everywhere around us most of the year. Floating in the air we breath, mocking us as we wash our cars... and now, setting sights on this bright, new behemoth out on the West side of Lawton.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make me upset... as if I were attached to what everyone still calls 'The New WalMart.' It just makes you wonder if these were the colors they had overstocked in the paint department.

Keep in mind, this wasn't a local decision that took place. A bad round of ideas at a local watering hole... This was a corporate decision straight out of Arkansas. I honestly can't tell if I just didn't notice sooner, or if it was done very quickly in between grocery trips. Either way, I don't like it.