I talked on the show this week about my new toy, the Sling Adapter that goes with my dish cable system.  This $100 piece of equipment is supposed to make it possible for me to watch my saved DVR events and live tv from my phone (yeah!) and any computer with internet connection (YEAH!).

Well, you see the picture above?  That is what I see 8 times out of 10 when I want to use this feature.

This morning I got through about 10 minutes of America's Next Top Model before the crash.  Last night, I missed the last 5 minutes of Idol, so I'll never know who got kicked off (hope it was the Diana Ross girl).

I love modern technology.  I love having things first.  But there is always a price.  The people who get things first, always get the worst.  My new motto is "wait till version 2 comes out."  If I bypass the first model of the next new gadget, by the release of their 2nd model, most of the kinks should be worked out.

Meanwhile, I guess I will just do work instead of working WHILE watching my favorite shows.

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