What do you get when you mix Americans, alcohol and fireworks? Most of the time, you end up with a lot of fun and even more close-call stories. But in these cases, the close calls become all too real. While you're setting off your fireworks this weekend, keep in mind that the worst can happen and has.

Most Recent:

This year, things already got hairy for a 10-year-old boy in Oklahoma that suffered burns after his Barrett M-107 firework exploded on him. Out of the 4 Barrett fireworks they bought, 2 of them malfunctioned. Let the lesson be learned: fireworks should be handled by the adults. Sparklers and non-explosive fireworks are ideal for the kiddos.

Worst Loss:

In 2021, a man lost his right eye after a "freak accident" happened in Spencer, Oklahoma. It happened quickly, but medical personel were unable to save his eye. Fortunately, no one, including children, was standing close to him to also be impacted. But, that young man would live with the accident for the rest of his life. Remember that accidents can happen - eye protection is more important than you realize.

Another similar incident happened two years later to a young man in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to 2 News Oklahoma, "Hughes was spending the July 4th holiday with his family in Muskogee. At Rotary Park, he says kids were shooting fireworks at each other and one of them exploded in his face."

Largest Accident: Aerlex Explosion

Fireworks have been used for celebrations since 1777. As early as 1985, Oklahoma experienced one of the worst accidents at the Aerlex Fireworks Factory in in Hallet, OK, where fireworks for that year were being made. Among the 21 people who were killed in the explosion, a 13-year-old boy and his mother were the first to be buried.

Fortunately, Oklahomans haven't taken the lead for the most or worst fireworks accidents, so let's keep up with the trend. Play it safe this year and learn from the past.

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