I have read that before and according to nutrition tracker MyFitnessPal, users who shared their food diaries with friends ended up losing twice as much weight. It's called being accountable to someone other than yourself.

I told my husband David that same thing. If he would just join me in my quest to "get healthy" I would probably be more successful. He FINALLY decided to join me so we decided to try juicing at dinner time.  Last night was our first night. I bought a NutriBullet and we unpacked it last night and made our first "smoothie". We put chocolate protein powder in his and fruit/vegetable protein powder in mine. We added one whole banana, mixed frozen fruits (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry), water to the fill line and drank. Not bad at all.  We did learn a couple of things the first night. We need "greens" and we need some type of nuts or seeds; whether almond, walnut or chia seeds they are supposed to help with energy.

Mixed Berry Smoothie
Mixed Berry Smoothie

As we continue our juicing journey I will share some recipes we find that are good and give you what we think of the entire thing. I will tell you, once my husband puts his mind to something there is no going back. (Pray for me!)


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