Listening to your body is an art form when it comes to proper diet and exercise. Knowing when to rest is as equally as important as knowing when to push through a workout. It can mean the difference between being healthy and becoming stronger and stronger every day, or being fatigued and possibly suffering an injury. The great thing about Planet Fitness is that the facility not only gives its members unlimited access to state-of-the-art strength machines, free weights and an extensive selection of cardio equipment; but it also offers great amenities when muscle fatigue sets in. The expertise of the Planet Fitness staff is also vitally significant when faced with these issues as well.

My trainer says, “It’s not always about ‘going hard’ in the gym.” When beginning a workout, especially when it’s a task you’ve never seriously undertaken before; moderation is key. Over exertion and too much strain on the body are simply not good for building a healthy physique. Similarly, it is not good to be mentally over-exerted either. Both of these concerns can wreak havoc on member training and possibly obstruct any progress made to a new workout regimen.

A successful physical fitness routine pertains to strengthening the mind, the body and the spirit. No one knows your body and what you are feeling and/or going through more than you. One should never feel pressured to power through pain or discomfort. This has been a very personal experience for me during my weight loss-workout journey. Back pain from improper posture and lack of “spinefullness” while sitting in front of a computer screen every day; shoulder sprains from carrying bags and back packs that are far too heavy on the daily; and as with literally millions of women all over the world, the ever-dreaded monthly menstrual cramps. These are all factors I’ve had to learn to work with, work through and rest and repair from.

One of the most beneficial aspects of signing up for the Planet Fitness Black Card Membership is not only its affordability, but also the accessibility I have to all things therapeutic. For just $21.99/month, I enjoy exclusive access to the Black Card Spa, which features reclining massage chairs which are great for my back and shoulder pain; hydro massage beds and lounges which, I’ve discovered, work wonders for my cramps; and the total body enhancement booths, which are extremely beneficial for my overall health and wellness. Planet Fitness truly does have everything you need to achieve your fitness goal, even when your desire is to relax and rejuvenate from your workout.

So, whether you desire an intense full-body workout, or an invigorating full-body massage; contact Planet Fitness for all your health and wellness needs today !

Planet Fitness is located at 3801 NW Cache Rd. For more information, call 580-699-7600.


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