Developing a Personal Brand

At 25yrs, EJ Watson is a man obsessed with achieving his goal to build a fitness empire like no other. Certified by The National Counsel on Strength & Fitness (NCSF); EJ has only officially been a fitness trainer for less than a year. But as a student athlete, track star and lover of various sports i.e. soccer, football, basketball etc., EJ has always been extremely health conscious when it came to fitness & nutrition. When Planet Fitness offered him the chance to train and become a certified professional within their facility, he knew he could not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Developing his personal brand as a trainer with Planet Fitness is the ideal situation for EJ because he is a natural. Young, charismatic and in great shape; EJ possesses all the qualities Planet Fitness boasts when it comes to having a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Not only is he well-informed about the business, he is also kind, incredibly encouraging and a great listener!

These traits come in handy when you have members that are out of shape and don’t necessarily have a desire to test the boundaries of their limitations when it comes to fitness. It also helps when u have members (like me) that become slightly emotional about the fact that they’ve been working out for days and still haven’t lost any weight!

The Benefits of a Beach Body Dream Deferred

Fortunately, EJ understands my wit and the fact that when we train I use humor to deflect from those grueling workouts. I don’t necessarily want to stop, I just want to snap my fingers and materialize this slammin’ beach body already! At the very least, I just want him to lose count every now & again. I mean, can’t a girl dream? EJ of course, being the laser-focused ball of positivity that he is, enlightens me on the reality and the benefits of a dream deferred…

“Don’t let you stop YOU.” He says. “Don’t let your mind set limits on what you can achieve! Just a little bit of self-confidence will take you further than you think, beyond anything you thought you were capable of…now do one more set!” Yeah…ok. Never at a loss for inspiration, EJ has a set of go-to catchphrases that he lives by, regurgitates and fortifies each member's self-esteem with during the portion of the workout where they lack the mental focus needed to finish the repetition.

It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger

Normally these larger-than-life quotes of reassurance would get on my last nerves 'cause honestly, all I can feel is the tense burning of my abs and my glutes from his training. But then…something happens. The more I listen; the harder I try. The harder I try, the stronger I feel.

“It doesn’t get easier… you just get stronger,” he says. Easy for him to say. Here to inspire members to push themselves to be the best they can be, EJ conveys that he just wants to, “grow and be a light in this world and spread positivity through health & nutrition.” If you look good, u feel good; and vice versa. Makes complete sense to me. I think this young man just might be on to something.

His Instagram states that he is “a follower of GOD who just happens to be a trainer.” Steadfast in his faith, and grounded by an intense love for his family; if EJ continues to cultivate his craft in this manner, I have no doubt he will be blessed far beyond his wildest entrepreneurial dreams.

In the words of EJ, “Wake up. Boss Up. And own the day!”

You can find EJ Watson on Instagram @ThatFitnessGuyEdge or you can catch him at Planet Fitness located at 3801 NW Cache Rd. For more information, call 580-699-7600.

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