I admit I am not the best social media-er in the universe.  I troll Facebook to check on what's happening with people I love but don't talk with every day.  I post when something is interesting enough to me, but I'm not a 60x a day poster.  What I do know is I am in a very non-vocal minority when it comes to caring whether or not Facebook is working.

Three times in the last week, Facebook has gone down.  Last week and then again twice yesterday, people were forced to decide if their lives held any meaning without the use of Likes or Comments on the social media giant.  Three times -- over a billion people have been forced to collectively twiddle our thumbs while Facebook fixed itself.

So, I thought this might be helpful for those who really do feel the loss when they can't tell me what they had for dinner, where they are at this exact moment, how many miles they jogged just now or what a beautiful day it is.  Since you also won't know anything about what God is thinking today or how many people are praying for how many other people, I thought this list might give you some great ideas for how to spend that hour or two a decade when you cannot see what's happening with your high school classmates.

  1. Go outside and look at the lovely nature around you (without being compelled to post about it or snap a quick pic).  Just look.  Feel.  Then go back inside.
  2. Take out a bible and read it.  Think of all those cutsie quotes that are posted every day and find them.  Read them in the context by which they were originally presented and you might find they don't mean what people post to support whatever crazed position they are taking up today.
  3. Write a note to your significant other.  On paper.  With a pen.  IRL.  I see so many things posted about amazing husbands, wives and partners -- but are you telling THEM how great they are?
  4. See number 3?  Do that for your kids, too.  If you don't have kids, write a quick note, Google your best friend's address and send them an actual letter.  Warning:  you probably haven't bought stamps in a dozen years, so you might be digging in the junk drawer for that.
  5. Go to a restaurant without your phone, without taking a picture of what you are eating and with someone you love and miss.  Do things like actually talk to them without saying, "yeah, I saw you posted that on Facebook."
  6. Get caught up on world news . . .and skip the dozen or so stories you will see that relate to why Facebook went down.
  7. Take a bubble bath with some beautiful music and soft lighting.  Again, you don't need a picture of this -- you just need to experience this.
  8. Read a book.  Not a whole one.  You won't have much time if Facebook is only down for 40 minutes or so, but you could easily start or finish that book that has been on your bedside table for a few months.
  9. Do a chore.  Fold the laundry and enjoy the experience of the fresh clothes and fresh smells.  Put it away and feel accomplished.
  10. Talk to someone special on the actual phone.  Let them know you are thinking about them with words.