When it comes to the list of things invented in Oklahoma, there's no limit to what Oklahomans tell each other in casual conversation.

Example: My uncle Eddie once told my mother that the big gold-dome house in Lawton belonged to the guy that invented Post-It Notes.


She believed that for decades until I moved here and learned the real story.

She did not think Eddie's joke was as funny as the rest of us did.

There have been rumors that the electric guitar was invented in Oklahoma, but that's not true. It was understandable since the first electric guitar virtuoso was Sooner State born and bred, but it wasn't his invention.

As wild as the tales can get, there's a shocking amount of modern-American things that actually are 100% Oklahoma-made. Here's a quick rundown.

Things Invented in Oklahoma

When people think about Oklahoma, they think of what they've seen in movies. Tornadoes, the Murrah bombing, maybe the land runs, and probably meth... our four mountain ranges are as unknown as the contributions Oklahoma has made to modern life. Here are some random things that were invented here.

The Best Things About Oklahoma

It seems we've reached a point in human history where the norm is to sit around and complain about anything and everything. Oklahoma is a sore subject on both political sides of the aisle. So instead of adding to the morose nature of being bummed, here are some 100% pure Sooner State things Okies can't help but think positively about.

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