Remember when Budweiser introduced us to the giant Clydesdale horses that pull the beer wagon? Then in 2014 we met the puppy that became their lifelong friend. Then they pulled the puppy out of the Super Bowl ads and everyone was bummed.

Well, get ready to be un-bummed because Budweiser is reuniting the Clydesdales and the puppy in their new ad, Reunited With Buds. They're also offering a free round of Bud for you with proof of vaccination.

Puppies, horses, and free beer. Things are beginning to get better in the world.

Here's the deal. Anheuser-Busch is trying to raise awareness for the COVID-19 vaccine so we can all get back to normal things like drinking a Bud with our friends at the neighborhood bar so they're offering a round of Bud on them with proof of vaccination.

There are several ways to prove you've been vaccinated. You can upload a photo of your "I got vaccinated" sticker, a photo of your bandaid, or a selfie of you at your vaccination location. You can upload your entry on Budweiser's website.

According to USA Today, the promotion is limited to the first 10,000 beers and there are a few qualifications. To get the $5 virtual debit card you must be a My Cooler Rewards member and the contest is not valid in Alabama, California, and Texas. What? It's a good thing we're close to Oklahoma.

Just remember to drink responsibly and bring a designated driver when you reunite with your buds over a bottle of Budweiser.

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