By: Robert King

Today I was walking back to my car from the Academic Commons building at CU. There was another yellow Hummer parked right in front of mine. This isn't a Matrix glitch, because I occasionally see other yellow hummers. However those drivers usually don't park by me.

The hood ornament on my Hummer is missing. Well, it isn't missing, it's just in the back of my car. A few weeks ago I took it to get it washed and the fan at the end of the car wash blew it off. This is the second time it has happened.

I think that this woman noticed, and she decided to share some knowledge with me through a note. The note said that the hood ornament being blown off is a recall from the dealer. So I can take it to the dealer and they can fix it using the VIN number. That's pretty cool.

As I was heading to my car I saw the woman putting this note under my windshield wiper. I paused near another car in the parking lot and played with my phone. After she went in the A.C. building I got into my car and was texting this to my parents. She went back to her vehicle and saw me and we had a conversation.

I've never met anyone with the exact same car as me, and I'm thinking that the odds of encountering her again are pretty slim.

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