By: Robert King

On March 6 Walt Disney Studios released a teaser for the upcoming "Christopher Robin" movie.

If you are a follower of anything Disney you'd know that Robin is the boy who has imaginary animal friends in the Hundred-Acre Woods.

The film takes place with Robin as a grown up who is struggling as an employee of a company called 'Winslow.' He promised to take his wife and daughter on a weekend vacation but he is unable to go due to his bosses demands.

Struggling with a proposal or hard business decisions, Robin is sitting helpless on a park bench where he meets up with an old friend - none other than Winnie the Pooh himself.

The film is about life struggles and Robin is reminded of some forgotten lessons by his childhood stuffed animals.

See the teaser below:

I look forward to seeing this movie, even though I don't think Pooh was ever a big part of my life. Now if only Disney could do the same thing, except it's an adult Andy revisiting Woody and Buzz. I'd cry my eyes out and flood the theatre.

I'd also like to see this concept someday with Calvin and Hobbes.

"Christopher Robin" is scheduled to open on August 3.

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