Here's the usual sequence. You buy a lottery ticket and stash it in your wallet or purse. You get on with the rest of your busy day. You check later to see if your numbers made you rich beyond your wildest dreams. You're disappointed and throw your now torn to pieces ticket in the trash.

But what if you'd won big?

And forgot to check your numbers?

For weeks?

That's what happened to a woman in Germany.

Multiple news sources, including ABC, are reporting that Lotto Bayern in Germany confirms that a 45-year-old woman correctly picked seven fields on a German lottery ticket. She was the only person to do so which made her the sole winner of a $39 million prize.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, says she still gets dizzy thinking about the fact that she'd been carelessly carrying a little slip of paper worth $39 million in her purse for weeks.

The drawing was held on June 9th and she just recently realized she'd won. She says she plans to live a healthy life and do things to help the environment. She also says she does not plan on playing the lottery again as this prize should be enough for herself, her husband, and their child to live on nicely.

What would you do with nearly $40 million? My first stop would be a financial advisor, then probably a bigger house, maybe upgrade my ride or add to my collection of vehicles, I'd need to update my passport so I could do some traveling, of course I'd need more camera gear for my travel shots ...

Who am I kidding? I haven't bought a lottery ticket in ages.

Maybe I'll pick one up on my way home this evening.

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