There was a day when having someone watch the hallway to see when a teacher was returning to the classroom was a big deal. Kids that wanted to, could get a sneak peek at the grade book. Now, with the continuing advances in technology, snooping has gone to a new level. One that may get you expelled or worse. 

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District board members were expected to make a final decision on the eleven high school students at Corona del Mar High. They were expelled after receiving assistance hacking into their teachers computer.They hacked into the system in an attempt to alter grades and access exams ahead of testing dates.

A keylogger had been installed on a teacher's computer. The system logs every time there is a key stroke and verifies user names and passwords. That is when the hacking started. The probe began last year after a teacher reported to a supervisor that it appeared there had been some tampering with her grades. Police are looking for a private tutor of more than 150 students from the same school. He has not been seen since police searched his home late last year.

School officials are auditing over 750,000 grades to see which ones had been altered in the last year.  Investigation continues to see if any criminal charges will be filed against the tutor.

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