Think emojis are obnoxious little icons? Some may call them "emoticons". Well then check out the movement spawned by Facebook's "feeling fat" emoji - a smiling face with a double chin on the site's list of available status-update options. The group "Endangered Bodies" launched a campaign to get the option removed, and as the Washing Post notes, several activists have joined by posting petitions. Some say the "fat" emoji is making fun of people who consider themselves to be overweight.

Here is my opinion on the entire thing. If I want to call myself fat, who are you to tell me that it's wrong? If I want to say that I'm feeling fat, ugly, depressed, anxious, whatever my mood is that day...who are you to tell me that it's wrong and I'm making fun of someone. I am speaking of myself, no one else. If we can't make fun of ourselves, what are we to become? I think we all need a "lighten up" pill, a "chill pill", we need to just relax. Or, is that making fun of people that are taking Valium?

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