The new TexMoji app has faced criticism since its June 15 release date regarding its use of a third party keyboard that claims to allow the developer to transmit anything you type, including personal and sensitive information.

The original excitement for the app was incredible, and that has been dampened somewhat by consumers' concerns. However, the TexMoji developers aren't standing idly by.

Q Manning, CEO of TexMoji developer Rocksauce Studios, issued his own statement following the backlash about full access.

"Developers cannot access any of the information tapped on the standard iOS/iPhone/iPad keyboard. This is in a locked box that Apple does not give anyone access to," said Manning. "If you're using a third-party keyboard with the standard ABC/123 keys, we caution you to be safe with entering in your passwords or private information."

Manning added: "But, as y’all know, TexMoji doesn’t have any keys - it’s just a bunch of Texas based images! And, so you know, we’re not tracking which ones you pick. That will remain private between you and whomever you text message!"

Manning says that full access for the TexMoji app is "no big deal."

In addition, the developer has added an update to the app's description on iTunes in an attempt to assuage consumers' misgivings:

TexMoji is *NOT* harvesting, capturing, transmitting, or accessing any keystroke or any data whatsoever. Nothing is being sent to TexMoji, its developers, or collected for any purpose. TexMoji does not store any type of information that may be harmful to your activity taken place on your mobile device. With TexMoji, your data is safe and secure. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

So far TexMoji is doing well from a download-standpoint, grabbing a no. 2 spot in the iTunes App Store in its first week of release. However, the app currently has a 1.5 out of 5 review score in the App Store (after 438 reviews).

Check it out and judge for yourself just as long as you have an iPhone. The app is not yet available to us lowly Android users.

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