Five-year-old Leland Camara suffers from Leukemia. He’s had some tough days since he was diagnosed in September, but he also realizes that others have gone out of their way to make his time more joyful as he battles the disease. For example, last winter his hometown fire department in Anchorage, Alaska sent Santa Claus over to his house so he could enjoy a proper Christmas.

So when Leland got hooked up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he asked for two wishes.

The first was a trip for himself and his family to Disneyland. And his second was to pay back the kindness shown to him by serving food at Kid’s Kitchen, a program that provides free meals to children.

Needless to say, Make-A-Wish granted Leland this bonus wish.

His day of volunteering at Kid’s Kitchen was combined with his send-off party to Disneyland. When asked why he requested to serve others, Leland said, ”Because I wanted to help out.”

Watch a heartwarming video of Leland making sure everybody else has something to eat before he gets his pre-Disneyland meal. And if you want to give to give to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, you can do so here.