It's a scary thing to think that the browser almost all Americans use has had a massive flaw that has only just been discovered.

This week, Homeland Security recommended users to stop using Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the internet.  They call it a Zero-Hour Flaw which means it has been in the program forever but just recently been discovered and used to spy on your browsing habits and possibly steal your important information.

In fact, the flaw would allow someone to gain full user rights to your computer and, potentially, all the information stored there.

Some news articles have referenced this kind of breach as something Chinese (and other) spies are using to gain critical information about YOU.

Microsoft says they haven't issued a patch yet for their most recent browsers, but they do have some instructions on how to protect yourself.

But, until patches are issued and there is some confidence they are protecting your information, many security companies (and the United States Government) suggest you use a different browser to search the web.

Here are some popular browsers that you can download and use for free:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox