I wasn't born to be a ranchers wife...I LOVE being a ranchers wife but I wasn't BORN to be one! I was born to be a rich man's wife. That is not the same thing...trust me!

There are days when I LOVE country living and then there are many when I don't. Today was another one of those days. Today was the day that we hauled off the spring born calves to be sold at auction. These are the ones that didn't make the "club calf" cut. Eight steers and one heifer, loaded up and hauled off while their mommas are in the pasture bawling for them.

Since we aren't keeping them as club calves we don't waste the time of weaning them. We just sort them away from their mommas and haul them off. Now we will get to listen to these mommas bawling for their babies for the next 4 or 5 days. The only good thing about doing it this way is we don't have to listen to the babies bawling in the lot trying to get to their mommas (oh and we don't have to feed them!)

This is one of the things I will never get used to as a ranchers wife. David just shakes his head when I say "Do you have to haul them off today? Can't we keep them for a couple more weeks?" He's right, of course, we have expenses we have to meet and that's how we get to stay living on this beautiful place we call The Mace Place.


I just noticed the charlois to the far right. It looks like she's saying "Look what I can do!" and, yes, we kept her!