The Mace Place

Spring Calving at the Mace Place
Spring calving season is almost finished. The pasture is full of babies. Just a few more cows left to calve and then we can get ready for weening the fall babies. Ahh, that lovely sound of calves bawling for their mommas and the mommas bawling for their babies.
Rotary Hoe Flowers
My husband David knows I can't grow plants. I bring plants home and they scream when I walk in the door with them. I think it's like Little Shop of Horrors for them. It's sad but it's true. I have a brown thumb but I LOVE flowers. I try to find the variety that loves to be neglec…
Summer Is Less Than Two Weeks Away
Last night David and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the Oklahoma-rare light summer breeze.  He looked at me and said "Summer begins June 21st doesn't it?" "Yes dear. Just like it does every year." "That means the days are going to start getting shorter." "Yes…
It Was A Dark and Stormy Night at The Mace Place
Did I not just say on the air about 2 days ago that I have lived in Oklahoma now for 13 years and have yet to see a tornado?  Well, I haven't seen one yet but oh MAN I came close last night!
I got home and set up my lap top for an evening of posting and fun!