The sunset was amazing again last night. I rushed into the house to grab my camera, turning it on as I was running back out the door; checking all the settings because I am forcing myself to shoot in manual mode.

ISO...check, Aperture...check, put camera up to eye to check exposure as I gently push down on the shutter button...WARNING! No SD card installed! What? Wait! I just used the camera last night!

I run back in the house, grab my back pack and yank my laptop out. Nope! It's not in the card slot! Now panic sets in! Where is my SD card? I completely destroy my living room by pulling all the cushions off the sofa and love seat; throw the footstool up in the air and out of the way. Pillows are flying in every direction! WHERE IS MY SD CARD!!

The dog is cowering in the corner wondering what has possibly possessed his feed bag to be acting so crazy! My husband comes in from checking cattle and walks into the disaster that once was a living room exclaiming "What the hell happened in here!?"

I am on the floor on my hands and knees peering under the sofa. I turn around, peer over the top of my glasses that are now sitting crooked on my nose; blow a lock of hair off my face and whine "I have misplaced my SD card for my camera! Will you help me look for it?...Puhleeze!" I beg...((flirty blink))

"Good grief Nan! Didn't you just have it last night?" "Yes!" I explained with frustration. "I have looked everywhere!" I tell him.

"Didn't you download pictures to your laptop last night?" as he grabs the laptop off the footstool that is now sitting in the middle of the room. "Yes! I've already checked...what was that sound?" A little clinking sound came from my laptop as he grabbed it up. He opens it up and there, laying on the keyboard, is my SD card! "HA!! Thanks babe! I knew you would find it!"

I shove the card into my camera and run out the front door onto the porch to watch as the sun made its final dip behind Longhorn Mountain. (Sigh)

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