Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty hectic around the studios.  We all wanted to do what we could to assist with the relief efforts for the victims of the Shawnee/Carney and Moore tornadoes.  Stress levels were high trying to get everything organized and put together and emotions were all over the scale; from sadness to heart wrenching and from joy to celebration. I needed something to take my mind off all the destruction that I just couldn't seem to wrap my mind around. The only thing that relaxes me (besides a glass of wine) is to grab my camera and jump on the back of the four wheeler. Tuesday night was the perfect night. The wind was calm, there was a cloudless sky and the sun was just about to set. My chauffeur (my husband David) drove me to the very north east corner of the pasture. This is my favorite place on the farm. I got out my camera and started shooting.

I don't have a fancy camera, just a Cannon but I sure enjoy taking it out. I found some beautiful wild flowers and some ducks that I later found out were Drake Northern Shovelers that were migrating (I thought that was pretty cool, I had never seen that type of bird before and they chose OUR pond to migrate to). But, I have to admit, my favorite pictures of the night were of the cows. For some reason they thought it would be fun to run around the place with mud packs on their faces. Well, after all it is breeding season at "The Mace Place" so I guess they wanted to look good for the bull.