Did I not just say on the air about 2 days ago that I have lived in Oklahoma now for 13 years and have yet to see a tornado?  Well, I haven't seen one yet but oh MAN I came close last night!

I got home and set up my lap top for an evening of posting and fun!  A friend called me and asked me if I was listening to the radio.  (Listening to the radio?  I work there!  I don't listen when I get home!)  So, I turned on the radio and was listening to the weather updates.  Of course when the clouds get thick I lose my satellite dish and we have no back up except the radio and the internet.  Clay was doing a great job keeping us updated on all the watches and warnings!

I pulled up the radar and was keeping an eye on it when I receive this text from my friend Nick in Lawton...

Get to grandma's and get in the shelter NOW - in shelter NOW - I'm on my way

(ok this guy lives in Lawton?)

Don't you dare I am in my hidey hole, I'm fine

Then everything sort of calms down and I get another text

You have a tornado coming right at you!  Get your @$$ in your hole with some blankets.

OK, I'm freaking out now.  It's hot in the closet, the dogs stink and my husband is at work.  He wants to come home but I told him to stay where he was at.  I'm fine (I really wasn't but I didn't want him driving into the storm).  I go out on the front porch and THIS is what I see

OK, back in the hidey hole I go.

After the first two storms pass, David is finally able to come home.  He came into the house to find me and my dogs in the hidey hole!

Well, we decided to go see what kind of damage was done so we drove around and counted cattle and horses and cats.  All were present and accounted for.

Here is a gallery of pictures from The Mace Place.

I still haven't seen a tornado and I hope I never do.  Now, about flipping that barn back over the fence and right side up?

Did you have any storm damage at your place?  I hope not!