Last night when I left work I thought I felt a little "off kilter" but probably because I worked so late last night.  Then I heard a strange but familiar noise.  NOOOO!!  A flat tire on my big truck!

I could hardly get the tire out from under the truck.  I thought, I can't do this by myself so I called some friends and they came and rescued me.  THANK YOU!  I called David to let him know that I had been rescued and I was on my way home.  This is exactly what he said "I can't talk, we have a fire!  I need to call the fire association!"  Then he hung up on me!


WHAT!!!  Where?  What's burning?  How did it start?  As I got through Gore Gap I could see the smoke rising above the slick hills behind our home.  I was so scared, I couldn't get home fast enough.  As I pulled down the road I could see that the smoke was thick and was covering the entire valley.  I jumped out of the truck to make sure my horses were up and saw the cattle coming towards the barn.  The fire trucks were already lined up on the fence row waiting for the fire to come down the mountain. (I know, they look like hills, but they really are classified as mountains.)  I was standing in the back yard and felt a few sprinkles.  I raised up my arms and yelled "we need rain!" and down it came!  HARD!  It put the fire out in a matter of seconds!  Not much was burned which is wonderful since the "groceries" for the cattle are getting pretty slim right now.

I was posting on my Facebook page during this and one of my friends,  Jamie Hall, wrote a poem for me so I just had to share it with you!  It made me laugh!

I was on the way home when i heard the thump,

Had a flat tire sure chapped my rump.

Got it fixed and was on my way,

when I saw the fire burnin' all the cattle's hay

So I hollered and prayed and raised my arms.

might have scared God but i didn't mean no harm.

along came a rain and put out the blaze,

nothin' left now but a smoky haze.

all along I thought I was workin' ahead,

but I think Friday, I'll just stay in bed.

And another one from my friend Joy Willingham:

"From a Flat Tire, to a Fire” by Joy Willingham 7-13,2011
Got off work and headed home
Got a message on my phone.
Hurry, hurry, the mounts on fire,
Cows are cookin’ and I’m no liar!
Pushed down on the excelerator
Felt a tire flat, so I’ll be there later.
Darn good thing someone came along
Changed that tire to a country song!
By the time I drove through the Farmhouse gate,
The good Lord answered not a minute too late.
The fire’s put out, the cows are alive,
My friends did the prayin’ til I arrived.
Thank you God for firemen and friends
And for songs like these that have an end!